Frequently Asked Questions


Do Mucks come in half size?

Muck Boots are available in whole sizes only (except for the Wellie Classic).

Muck Boots are more flexible and forgiving than stiffer boot brands, so finding the correct size is easy: just base your choice on your athletic footwear size. Please check the size label inside your most recent pair of athletic shoes prior to ordering or purchasing a pair of Muck Boots.

If you wear a half size, please read the following information:

For Boots: Order based on your athletic shoe size. If you wear a half-size, go down to the next whole size in boots only.

For example: A men's 9.5 would order a size 9 boot. A women's 9.5 would order a size 9 boot.

For Shoes: Order based on your athletic shoe size. If you wear a half-size athletic shoe, men move up to the next whole size while women move down to the next whole size.

Are Muck Boots available in different widths?
Muck boots (except leather styles) come in one standard width. Due to the flexibility of the materials used to make Mucks, they fit widths B (medium) through EEE. If you wear a half-size with a foot wider than EE, it is our recommendation to move up to the next whole size. For Narrow feet: We suggest wearing a thicker sock or putting a standard drugstore insole to take up the room. Often, this is enough to help you achieve a perfect fit.
Do Muck Boots accommodate different calf sizes?
Most styles have a neoprene top-line. This one size allows for a flexible fit that accommodates most. Also, the neoprene does allow for the top of the boot to be rolled or folded down to help with the on and off process. If a taller boot does not work, we do offer free exchanges and have many mid-height styles available.
What is the proper way to measure for sizing?
When measuring your foot, measure from the tip of your longest toe to the back of the heel while standing.
How can I tell if my Muck Boots fit properly?

Muck Boots fit correctly and function at their best when they give your foot a gentle squeeze without being uncomfortable. When footwear fits properly, you should be able to wiggle your toes freely inside the boot, and your heel should have minimal lateral movement.

For those with particularly narrow heel widths, try socks with extra heel cushioning, or a short, heel-only insole to tighten the fit around the heel area.

What is the difference between Men’s, Unisex, and Women’s?
Muck offers 3 specific "fit" categories for adults: Men's, Women's, and Unisex. Women's styles feature a narrowed heel, a rounded toe box, and a high arch/instep, while Men's styles offer a wider heel, a squared toe box and a lower arch/instep. Unisex styles offer a contour that serves as a "happy medium" between the two gender-specific options, which allows for a more forgiving fit for both Men and Women.

Kid’s Fit

Tips for measuring your child’s foot:
    1. Have your child stand in his/her socks on a hard-surface floor, with their heels flat against the wall and their weight equally balanced on both feet
    2. Smaller children tend to curl their toes—be sure and straighten out all toes!
    3.Use a pencil or piece of tape and mark the floor where the longest toe of the right foot ends. Do the same for the left foot.
    4.Measure the distance between the wall and each mark and find the longest of the two measurements (one foot is usually a little longer than the other). Use the longer of the two measurements to determine your child’s shoe size.

If your child’s foot falls between two sizes, always go up to the next size, as children grow rapidly! When it comes to children’s Mucks, it’s best to err on the side of a slightly larger boot or shoe size, and have kids wear thicker socks (or even two pairs). This way, as children’s feet grow, they’ll get maximum wear out of their Muck Boots before eventually outgrowing them.

What is the difference between Children and Youth sizes?
Youth sizes are for older kids, usually late elementary school age through Middle School. The Children’s sizes are relevant to children preschool age and up. Kids' Sizing progresses from Infants (Infant 1-Infant 4) through Kid's (Children's 5-Children's 13) to Youth (Youth 1-Youth 7). Once an adolescent outgrows Youth sizing, they transition into Adult Mucks!
What styles are available in infant sizes?
Currently the only style carried in Infant sizes are the My First Mucks. They can be found here.

Wearing your Mucks

What socks should I wear?

Medium-weight athletic socks are fine for most Muck Boot styles.

Since Muck Boots use a flexible neoprene inner, you generally don’t need the kind of thick, cushioning socks that are obligatory with other brands’ super-rigid (and less insulated) boots. Another advantage of the neoprene inners is that they stretch, which means you can wear your boots with different thicknesses of socks, depending on your activity level and the season.

For use with heavy socks, true half sizes should select the next size up.

Where is my removable sock liner?
Mention of a "removable sock-liner" in product descriptions refers to the Muck Insole, present in all Muck styles, that can be removed for cleaning/drying purposes or replaced with an insert orthotic to better suit the wearer's personal needs.
What is an EVA Midsole?
The term "Midsole" is used to describe the part of the boot that lies between the footbed and the outsole. The abbreviation "EVA" stands for ethyl vinyl acetate, a foam that is very effective at providing just the right combination of cushion and support for optimal comfort.
Are all Muck Boots Waterproof?
Yes, all Muck Boots are 100% waterproof from the sole to the top of the boot/shoe including the neoprene.
What is CR Flex-foam?
CR Flex Foam is the insulative material used in Muck brand boots and shoes. It not only works to keep you warm and dry, it also allows your Mucks to form-fit to your feet, providing maximum comfort and support. Unlike traditional insulation which is measured in grams, CR Flex Foam is measured in MM (millimeters). Because there is no way to directly compare gram vs. mm insulation, the best way to select the right amount of insulation is to look at the temperature rating assigned to each style.
Where is the “Fleece Lining”?
Often confused with a removable bootie-style fleece liner, the term "fleece lining" refers to the fleeced texture of a boot's neoprene base, which provides softness, warmth, and comfort throughout the interior of the boot.
How do you know if the boot is snake proof?
Mucks marketed as "Snake-proof" are puncture-tested - with inflated balloons fitted snugly to the boot interior and a 5-foot Diamondback rattlesnake striking vigorously over a dozen times at the exterior – with a score of ‘Muck: 13, Snake: 0’. This feature is also particularly useful in areas with thick, thorny undergrowth.

Caring for your Muck Boots

How do I clean my Muck Boots?
Mucks should be rinsed regularly when exposed to salt or chemicals; rinsing with warm water will generally suffice. If they become caked or heavily soiled, warm water and dish soap or laundry detergent is the preferred cleaning method. Be sure not to use anything more than an extra-soft brush to scrub them with; harder bristles, steel wool, ETC., will damage the surface of the boots. It is important to avoid exposing Mucks to heat; this includes boot dryers, clothes dryers, laying them over the furnace vent, and leaving them in direct sunlight. The best way to dry them is to lay them on their side and let nature take its course; a fan blowing room-temperature air may be used to increase circulation and quicken the process if needed.
How can I repair my Muck Boots?
All Muck Boots come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. If you are outside of the 1-year warranty and would like to repair them, Aquaseal™ is the recommendation for repair of minor tears, split seams, and unglued soles. Aquaseal™ is a waterproof, flexible adhesive that works well on rubber and neoprene. It is available online and in larger hardware stores. For the best results, be sure to follow the directions. Clean and dry the area before applying the sealant, and give the glue two full days to set before wearing again.
My Muck Boots are leather, how should I care for them?
Because the leather styles are different than other Mucks, they require slightly different care. Using a clean cotton cloth or towel (even a vegetable brush will work), wipe your boots or the leather portion of your boots clean. If you notice any dried water droplets, dirt, or mud, use a wet paper towel to clean the mess, then follow up with a dry cloth, wiping away any remaining water. A bit of leather conditioner per the product instructions every now and again can help to keep them in good shape as well.