Size Guide

Selecting the Right Size

How are Muck Boots sized?

Muck Boots are available in whole sizes (with the exception of the Wellie series).

Muck Boots are more flexible and forgiving than stiffer boot brands, so finding the correct size is easy: just base your choice on your athletic footwear size. Please check the size label inside your most recent pair of athletic shoes prior to ordering or purchasing a pair of Muck Boots.

For boots: Order based on your athletic shoe size. If you wear a half-size, go down to the next whole size in boots only.

For example: A men's 9.5 would order a size 9 boot. A women's 9.5 would order a size 9 boot.

For shoes, order based on your athletic shoe size. If you wear a half-size athletic shoe, men move up to the next whole size while women move down to the next whole size.

For example: A men's 9.5 would order a size 10 shoe. A women's 9.5 would order a size 9 shoe.

How can I tell if my Muck Boots fit?

When footwear fits properly, you should be able to wiggle your toes freely inside the boot, and your heel should have minimal lateral or up-and-down movement. It should be immediately comfortable and fit like a sneaker.

For those with particularly narrow heel widths, try socks with extra heel cushioning, or a short, heel-only insole to tighten the fit around the heel area.

What kind of socks do I wear with my Muck Boots?

Medium-weight athletic socks are fine for most Muck Boot styles.

Since Muck Boots use a flexible neoprene inner, you generally don’t need the kind of thick, cushioning socks that are obligatory with other brands’ super-rigid (and less insulated) boots. Another advantage of the neoprene inners is that they stretch, which means you can wear your boots with different thicknesses of socks, depending on your activity level and the season.

For use with heavy socks, true half sizes should select the next size up.

Do Muck Boots accommodate different widths?

Yes. Muck Boots are made to standard widths but the materials will stretch comfortably to fit widths up to EEE.

For narrow feet, we suggest wearing a thicker sock or putting a standard drugstore insole to take up room. Often, this is enough to help you achieve a more perfect fit.

Can I use insoles?

Yes. The insole liner in Muck Boots is fully removable; if you choose to use an extra insole or liner in your boots, pull out the Muck Boot insole, add your extra liner and then replace the original insole. This way the extra liner is held firmly in place, with less sliding.

Muck Boots can also accommodate special orthotic insoles from your podiatrist.

Do Muck Boots accommodate different calf sizes?

The topline (or open collar) and upper calf area of all Muck Boots is constructed of soft, comfortable CR-foam which stretches to accommodate virtually all calf sizes.

The flexible upper also allows for the pant leg to be worn over or inside the boot. In warmer conditions, the upper can be folded down to allow hands-free removal and improve air circulation.

Kid's Sizing

Any helpful tips on buying Muck Boots for kids?

When it comes to children’s Mucks, it’s best to err on the side of a slightly larger boot or shoe size, and have kids wear thicker socks (or even two pairs). This way, as children’s feet grow, they’ll get maximum wear out of their Muck Boots before eventually outgrowing them.

Tips for Measuring a child’s foot:

  1. Have your child stand in his/her socks on a hard-surface floor, with their heels flat against the wall and their weight equally balanced on both feet.
  2. Smaller children tend to curl their toes—be sure and straighten out all toes!
  3. Use a pencil or piece of tape and mark the floor where the longest toe of the right foot ends. Do the same for the left foot.
  4. Measure the distance between the wall and each mark and find the longest of the two measurements (one foot is usually a little longer than the other). Use the longer of the two measurements to determine your child’s shoe size.
  5. If your child’s foot falls between two sizes, always go up to the next size, as children grow rapidly!
  6. Remember—foot problems usually begin early in life. Never put your child in a boot or shoe that is too small.

Size Charts

Men's & Unisex Muck Boots

unisex muck boot size chart

Women's Muck Boots

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Kids Muck Boots

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